OpenPoplog Components

Poplog provides a rich set of component parts, including the following.

Poplog Component Set
Feature Description
Editor - VED A "Visual EDitor" with many hooks for manipulating from within Poplog. Also used to provide the integrated DOC, HELP, REF and TEACH documentation and help systems.
Language - Common Lisp An implementation of Common Lisp.
Language - ML An implementation of ML.
Language - Pop-11 The implementation of Pop-11.
Language - Prolog An implementation of DEC-10 Prolog.
Library - Database A list of lists with a set of syntax keywords defined for manipulation.
Library - Flavours An object oriented programming subsystem, supporting meta-flavours, mixins and flavours.
Library - LR Parser
Library - ObjectClass A more modern package of object oriented programming support.
Library - RCLib A "Relative Coordinate" system graphics library.
Library - RCMenu An extension to RCLib to provide pop-up menu support.
Library - Turtle A 2D Turtle graphics library.
Windowing - X-Windows Integrated X-Windows support.

Some features of Poplog do not work in all the supported platforms. The feature compatibility list is as follows.

Poplog Feature Compatibility
Feature Platform Version
Editor - VED All 15.53
Editor - VED Commands Unix, Linux and VMS platforms only. 15.53
Editor - VED Directory Edit Commands Unix and Linux-based platforms only. 15.53
Language - Common Lisp All 15.53
Language - ML All 15.53
Language - Pop-11 All 15.53
Language - Proplog All 15.53

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