VED Commands

Command Purpose Compatibility
ved_ac.p Move each line or range to midway between margins
ved_al.p Align each line of marked range with the left margin
ved_alarm.p Set an alarm in VED
ved_ar.p Align each line of range with right hand margin
ved_autosave.p Set VED to save all changed files every N minutes
ved_autowrite.p For setting value of vedautowrite
ved_bc.p Centre range as a block
ved_bl.p Move marked block specified number of places to the left
ved_br.p Move marked block specified places to the right
ved_break.p Toggle value of vedbreak
ved_bye.p Synonym bye for leaving ved and POPLOG
ved_ca.p Copy marked range and append to vveddump
ved_capword.p Capitalise only first character of <vedargument> words
ved_cc.p Display information about current character
ved_ccm.p Clear Current Message (i.e. delete). Unix only Unix
ved_ccomp.p Compile and run a C file
ved_ccw.p Change case of characters in the current word(s)
ved_cd.p Change directory from within ved
ved_cdiff.p Detecting differences in files, ignoring 'white' space
ved_centre.p Centre text in ved
ved_chat.p Change character attributes
ved_clock.p A status-line clock for VED
ved_closeall.p Iconify all windows
ved_cols.p Toggle value of vedstatusshowcols
ved_cps.p Clear position stack
ved_crm.p Clear range mark. Could be optimised
ved_csh.p Run a CSH command, and read output into a VED buffer
ved_cshfile.p Run CSH from within VED
ved_cut.p Cut text between last two positions on vedpositionstack and store in VVEDCUT_DUMP
ved_date.p Insert/display the date
ved_dc.p Delete <arg> characters (to left if negative)
ved_dcp.p Delete current procedure
ved_de.p Delete to end of current line
ved_define.p Insert a template for a procedure definition.
ved_del.p Prepare to delete files marked with a '*' Unix, VMS
ved_delout.p Delete output lines, starting with '**'
ved_deof.p Delete to end of file
ved_diff.p Compare current ved file and other one being edited
ved_dir.p VED interface to DCL DIRECTORY command VMS
ved_dired.p EDIT a directory listing and obey commands
chmodUsed by ved_dired to display or change mode of file
cpdUsed with VED_DIRED to copy a file in same directory
cshUsed with VED_DIRED, to obey shell command
dcdDelete listing of sub-directory produced by ved_dired
grepUsed by ved_dired to search using 'grep' search facility
helpUsed by VED_DIRED to get help
loadCompile file named on current line
mvUsed with VED_DIRED to rename or copy a file
mvdUsed with VED_DIRED to rename a file, in same directory
peekWith LIB VED_DIRED, peek at a file.
purgeUsed with VED_DIRED to purge a directory
rmUsed by ved_dired to delete a file
vedUsed by VED_DIRED to read in a file
ved_dk.p Define a key for ved. (uses vedsetkey)
ved_dl.p Delete lines in ved, (specified number or default 1)
ved_dm.p Define a ved macro.
ved_do.p Multiple commands on VED command line
ved_do_text_action.p Display or execute action from active text (or doc ref)
ved_draw.p Simple interactive drawing program for drawing boxes
ved_ds.p Delete from current positon up to next occurenc of string
ved_dsb.p Delete/searching backwards
ved_dssp.p Display special space characters in the current file
ved_dw.p Delete N words to right or -N words to left
ved_errs.p Toggle value of -vedlmr_errs_in_file-
ved_fcomp.p Compile and run a fortran file
ved_files.p List files currently being edited.
ved_followup.p Follow up or reply to a news posting
ved_fp.p Fill current paragraph, even if its a program file.
ved_ftp.p Read/write files with ftp
ved_g.p Moving between index and text in help files
ved_g_string.p String used by ved_g etc.
ved_gbl.p Go to (move cursor) beginning of current list
ved_gel.p Go to (move cursor) end of current list
ved_get_password.p Prompt for and read password in Ved
ved_gm.p Go to Message - used in file created by VED_MDIR
ved_gn.p Get and read news files
ved_gobble.p Remove "redundant" space from range. Antidote to JJ
ved_gol.p Go out of current list
ved_grep.p Run grep and read output into a VED file Linux, Unix, Cygwin
ved_gsl.p Search and Replace within line.
ved_gsp.p Search and Replace within procedure.
ved_h.p Alternative help command.
ved_heading.p Formatting section headings in HELP or TEACH files
ved_helpfor.p List documentation files matching a given string
ved_hk.p What procedure, if any, is associated with a key
ved_hkey.p Describe a key (or key sequence)
ved_hkeys.p Get help on current VED key bindings
ved_hprint.p Print file(s) with a header
ved_ic.p Used to insert a character into the current location
ved_idprops.p Insert or update identprops on right of REF entry
ved_if.p Insert "if" conditional template
ved_ifsp.p Insert Format SPaces in REF files
ved_im.p Immediate mode in ved
ved_imcsh.p Run csh from immediate mode ved file
ved_imsh.p Run sh from immediate mode ved file
ved_inc.p Insert character into vedbuffer (number or variable name)
ved_indent.p Autoloadable extension to VED (change tab space)
ved_indexify.p Create a table of contents for a help or teach file
ved_jj.p Full text justification (both left and right margins)
ved_jjp.p Full justification of current paragraph
ved_jrefmr.p Justification and indentation in REF files
ved_killcsh.p Kill current csh communicating process
ved_killsh.p Kill current sh communicating process
ved_lastversion.p Get version before last write command.
ved_lcf.p Loads current flavour
ved_lcl.p Converts next N lines to lower case (defaults to 1)
ved_lcol.p Change the value of the leftmost column (margin)
ved_lcr.p Converts marked range to lower case
ved_lcw.p CONVERTS NEXT N WORDS TO LOWER CASE (default to 1)
ved_lib.p Autoloadable extension to VED (load library)
ved_linemax.p For setting value of vedlinemax
ved_lisp.p Execute VED commands in "lisp" subsystem context
ved_ljmr.p Move all lines in marked range left by vedleftmargin places
ved_ll.p Make ved work with VT100 in long line mode (132 columns)
ved_load.p VED load command
ved_lp.p Ved interface to Unix lp and lpr commands Unix
ved_lpmr.p Print marked range using Unix lp command Unix
ved_lpr.p VED interface to Unix lpr command Unix
ved_lprmr.p Print marked range using Unix lpr command Unix
ved_ls.p VED interface to Unix ls command Linux, Unix, Cygwin
ved_mail.p Read mail in VED on unix systems UNIX
ved_man.p Read Unix man file into VED UNIX
ved_margin.p For setting value of vedleftmargin
ved_mark.p Command to mark a named range
ved_mark_named_range.p Mark named ranges
ved_mbe.p Mark from beginning to end of the file
ved_mbl.p Mark beginning of current list (breaks line if needed)
ved_mc.p Move N characters to right, or left if N < 0 (default is 1)
ved_mcf.p Marks a flavour record
ved_mcl.p Mark current list (breaking lines if needed)
ved_mcm.p Mark "current" message, in a Unix mail file
ved_mdir.p Build a directory of messages in a Unix mail file
ved_mel.p Mark end of current list (breaks line if needed)
ved_mkdref.p Add standard attributes to a * doc ref
ved_mksref.p Make a hotlink to a doc file section
ved_ml.p Move N lines. (defaults to 1)
ved_mm.p Move to Matching end. E.g. if at "if" move to after "endif"
ved_mp.p Move cursor to matching parenthesis
ved_mw.p Move N words to right if N is positive, otherwise to left
ved_net.p Examining net news
ved_newheading.p Insert new-style section header in HELP or REF file
ved_newindex.p Create a table of contents for a documentation file
ved_nextcsame.p Find next location where this file and other file match
ved_nextsame.p Find next location when this file and other file match
ved_noprompts.p Remove special prompts from IM file
ved_noul.p Remove underlining from a file
ved_output.p Controlling output from VED_LMR
ved_over.p Overlay one block of text upon another
ved_pcmr.p Prolog-compile marked range
ved_ploghelp.p Looks for prolog documentation files
ved_plogshowlib.p Viewing Prolog library files
ved_plogteach.p Looks for Prolog teach files
ved_plx.p Exit from ved and call prolog on the current file.
ved_pml.p Gives access to PML documentation outside of PML
ved_pop.p Exit VED to basewindow
ved_pop11.p Do something in pop11 subsystem
ved_popwc.p Uses wordcount to provide a count for current file
ved_popwcmr.p Uses wordcount to provide a count for marked range
ved_popwhere.p Find where a procedure is defined in source or library.
ved_postnews.p Send news using inews on local or remote machine
ved_print.p Print files from VED
ved_printmr.p Print the marked range of a file
ved_prolog.p View Prolog documentation & libraries outside Prolog
ved_purge.p Use VED to list and purge files
ved_pved.p Edit file in write-protected mode
ved_pwd.p Print working directory
ved_qand.p Quit file & do a command
ved_qdired.p Quits DIRED
ved_qdoc.p Quit current file and call doc on another
ved_qhelp.p Quit current file and call help on another
ved_qman.p Quit current file and invoke MAN on another
ved_qpop.p Leave ved to pop, while quitting the current file.
ved_qref.p Quit current file and call ref on another
ved_qshowlib.p Quit current file and call SHOWLIB on another
ved_qsrc.p Quit current file and call src on another.
ved_qteach.p Quit current file and call teach on another.
ved_rcol.p Set right hand column (vedlinemax)
ved_remsh.p Invoke REMSH on a remote machine. Output into a ved buffer
ved_repeat.p Insert format for repeat statement
ved_reply.p Begin reply to Unix message in VED
ved_right.p Puts the string at right of current line as defined by vedlinemax
ved_rngprint.p Print marked range of current file
ved_rsh.p Invoke RSH on a remote machine. Output into a ved buffer
ved_ruler.p inserts a 'ruler' in the text showing margins and tabs
ved_rved.p To read in a file from a remote machine, using rsh
ved_screenwidth.p For setting value of vedscreenwidth
ved_send.p Send file or range as mail, allows .mailrc Cc and Bcc specs
ved_sendmr.p Autoload ved_send library
ved_set.p Alters value of variable, printing a message
ved_sgs.p Silent search and substitute
ved_sgsr.p "Silent" global substitute in a range
ved_sh.p Run a sh command and read output into a VED buffer
ved_shell.p Current file should only contain SHELL commands. Obey them.
ved_shfile.p Run SH from within ved
ved_showinclude.p For examining library files
ved_showlib.p For examining library files
ved_showlibs.p Display names of LIB files matching a given word
ved_slrhs.p Automatically create REF file ident entry updaters
ved_smr.p Sort a marked range of text
ved_sourcefile.p Examine source of procedures in source and libraries
ved_splice.p For re-inserting text cut out by ved_cut.
ved_src.p Examining system source files
ved_ss.p Silent search
ved_static.p Toggle value of -vedstatic-
ved_stop.p Gracefully suspend current process from within VED.
ved_strip.p Strip attributes, special chars and embedded data from a Ved buffer
ved_strips.p Load the Solver
ved_subsystem.p Show/change subsystem inside VED
ved_sw.p Transpose 2 characters to left of cursor
ved_swl.p Swap current string with string on left, (space delimited)
ved_swr.p Swap current word with word on right (space delimited)
ved_tabify.p Turn leading (and other) spaces into tabs
ved_tabs.p Toggle value of -vednotabs-
ved_tact.p Manipulate text actions
ved_text_action_data.p Find embedded data in active text
ved_time.p Displays the current time on the command line
ved_timed_esc.p Procedure for creating an escape key that times out
ved_top.p Synonym for -ved_prolog-
ved_tr.p Transcribe marked range. Now renamed as VED_T in system
ved_ucl.p CONVERTS NEXT N LINES TO UPPER CASE. (defaults to 1)
ved_ucr.p Converts marked range to upper case
ved_ucw.p Converts next N words to upper case. (defaults to 1)
ved_ul.p Underline in marked range
ved_unless.p Insert templay for unless conditional
ved_until.p Insert template for UNTIL statement
ved_uses.p Ved command to use library
ved_vcalc.p A 'spreadsheet' like package.
ved_vh.p Explain VED command
ved_wapp.p Write current VED buffer, appending to named file.
ved_wappdr.p Write and append marked range to file then delete it
ved_wappr.p Write and append marked range to named file
ved_wc.p Word count (uses vedwordcount_text)
ved_wcmr.p Count words in a marked range
ved_what.p Looks up arguments in documentation
ved_whats.p Looks up arguments in documentation
ved_while.p Insert template for WHILE statement
ved_wiggle.p Automatic bracket wiggling utility
ved_window.p Change the size of the current window
ved_wmp.p Wiggle matching parenthesis
ved_wordswith.p Display all words in dictionary containing vedargument
ved_work.p Create a work buffer
ved_wpop.p Write the file and go to pop
ved_wqved.p Write current file, then quit current file, then edit new file.
ved_ws.p For setting value of vedstartwindow: i.e. window size
ved_wtype.p Discover the type of identifier to right of cursor
ved_wved.p Write files and start editing a new file
ved_ww.p Search and substitute.
ved_yank.p Transcribe marked range now renamed as VED_Y in system
ved_yankc.p Yank marked range into command line
ved_yankl.p Insert contents of vvedlinedump
ved_yankw.p Insert contents of vvedworddump

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