Building OpenPoplog

At the moment, the following description only applies to the Windows version of OpenPoplog. The build mechanism for other platforms, when they are incorporated into the code-base on SourceForge will operate in a similar way. At some future point, the script-based mechanism probably will be replaced with a recursive make in accordance with Robert Duncan's original design. We expect to keep the script front-end to this process, so that the same command and options will still work. There is an existing build process for the Birmingham code-base, documented here.

The simplest way to build OpenPoplog would use the following commands to fetch the source, establish an environment and run the build script.

REM Move to "sandbox"
cd /d C:\sandbox
REM Export the code to a local sandbox directory
REM Hit [ENTER] when prompted for the password.
cvs login 
cvs -z3 cvs export -Dtomorrow poplog
REM Define %usepop%
set usepop=C:\sandbox\poplog
REM Move to %usepop%\pop
cd %usepop%\pop
REM Run the build process

To find out more about the mkpoplog script, use mkpoplog /? on the command line.

A more extensive implementation of the process listed above is available in the CVSROOT/poplog/pop/com/bat directory (on SourceForge) or %usepop%\pop\com\bat (locally) as the Windows batch script cvsbuild.bat.

cvsbuild version sandboxDirectory [mkpoplogFlags]

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