Poplog Versions

Versions of Poplog exist for the following platforms. Please refer to The Free Poplog Portal for more details.

Poplog Platform Support
Processor Operating System Version Download
Alpha Digital Unix (64-bit) 15.53 Poplog v15.53 for Digital Unix on Alpha (64-bit)
Alpha Digital Unix (64-bit) 15.50 Poplog v15.50 for Digital Unix on Alpha (64-bit)
AMD64 Linux 15.6 Instructions
HP Architecture HP-UX 9.05 15.53 Poplog v15.53 for FP Architecture running HP Unix, i.e. HP 712 + HP-UX 9.05
PowerPC AIX 15.52 Poplog v15.52 for AIX on PowerPC
PowerPC Macintosh OSX 15.53 Under Development
SPARC Solaris (2.6, 7 and 8) 15.53 Poplog v15.53 (32-bit addressing) for Solaris on SPARC
x86 Linux (Using libc5; No X-Windows) 15.53 Mini-Poplog for Mini-Linux using libc5
x86 Linux 15.53 Birmingham Linux Poplog v15.53 (21 MB)
Core PC Linux Poplog v15.53 (9.8 MB)
Minimal PC Poplog v15.53 (12.4 MB - Core + Extras)
Advice for SuSE Linux users
Advice for (would-be) Motif users
x86 Linux 15.53f Birmingham Linux Poplog v15.53f (19MB)
x86 Linux 15.6 Birmingham Linux Poplog v15.6 (18MB)
x86 Solaris 15.52 Poplog v15.52 for Solaris on Intel
x86 Windows (95, 98, ME), NT4, 2000, XP 15.53 Poplog v15.53 for Windows NT
Poplog v15.50 for Windows
Poplog Source v15.50 for Windows

The Linux for Intel or AMD version has been tested under the following distributions.
(Versions in bold are known to be used by some Open Poplog users, and so may be better supported. Other tested versions may or may not be in active use.)

Intel/AMD Linux Versions Supported
Distribution Version(s) Recommended Poplog Version Contact(s)
Debian 15.53
Mandrake 8.2, 9.0, 10.1 15.53
RedHat 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8.0, 9.0 15.53
Slackware 15.53
SuSE 8.2 15.53
Debian 15.53

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